Very strong. My cat’s nails don’t get caught in it. They haven’t been able to rip it.

Finally An Easy Self Install Cat Proof Mesh, That Will Keep Your Cat Safely Inside & Mosquitos & Flies Out


Window Mesh For Cats

from only €49


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Velcro edged cat proof window screens – easily self install & custom fit to your window

Order the size that is larger than the window you want to screen.

Then you can easily custom cut the screen to fit (no tradesman tools required).

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Order the frame size that is slightly larger than the window you want to screen – you are able to easily cut the frame to fit (with a cutting blade or strong scissors – no tradesman tools required).

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What Are Cat Screens?

The name “Cat Screen” can be simplified down to a “protective screen for cats”. It can withstand the biting and claws of cats, and meanwhile protect cats from falling out of windows.

What Is Difference Between A Cat Screen & A Common Screen?

  • Cat screens are made from a special durable fiberglass fabric, that even the most persistent cats can not break through with their claws or by biting/chewing through.
  • With a common insect screen, a cat can tear through the conventional window screen in a few days.
  • A cat screen combines two very important advantages: reliable protection and safe.

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A great way to keep your cats safe and let fresh air into your home.

For all their grace and cuteness, household cats can sometimes be extremely clumsy. They often nap anywhere and because of their adoration for heights, they quite often prone to falling.

Although they can land on their feet that doesn’t prevent them from being injured.

Because cats are naturally inquisitive creatures, cat owners all know that an open window is an open invitation to take a perilous trip out onto the window ledge.

Although they have great balance, cats do fall from windows, often suffering horrific injuries as a result. Thus cat owners are faced with a dilemma – open the windows and risk a fall or keep the windows closed and suffer the resulting high temperatures.

Magnetic Insect Screens now provide an economical and effective solution – protection for your cats from falling out of open windows and offering insect protection as an added advantage.

Magnetic Insect Screens cover your window opening with a specially sized, easy to fit strong pvc coated mesh. Fitted in seconds, it lets in air and keeps your cats safe.

No drilling of window frames required!


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